About us

What is Chiropractic?

The origination of the term chiropractic is derived from Greek, which defines its meaning as done by hand. Chiropractic care has been used to address pain and health issues dating back to ancient Egypt, though the organized practice of chiropractic has been documented as having arrived in the United States in the late 19th century. It is widely regarded as a natural approach to preventative and health maintenance care as well as a conservative approach to help mitigate pain and issues caused by a great number of illnesses and disease.
Chiropractic is viewed as a natural healthcare method because neither drugs nor surgical procedures are used; rather it is a health practice which is applied through manual manipulation of the spine to release the spinal structure of misalignments, encouraging the body to perform as it is intended and aid the body in self-healing. These misalignments, referred to as subluxations, can place pressure on and irritate the nerves which make up your spine, and many seek relief from pain, caused by this pressure when visiting a doctor of chiropractic for an initial visit. In time, patients can experience an overall improvement in their health making it clear that chiropractic care is an integral part of a routine wellness plan.

What to Expect

If you've never been to a Chiropractor, you may be wondering what to expect during your first visit. Here at Downtown Chiropractic, you can expect a greeting with a smile and every effort will be taken to make your visit as comfortable and convenient as possible, every-time.

At Downtown Chiropractic we strive to give you simplicity and convenience where "long-term" care plans are not needed. It is our belief that by maintaining this type of atmosphere you will make the best decision possible in obtaining regular spinal check-ups so you can gain a higher quality of life.

On your initial visit after filling out your paperwork you will get a Chiropractic exam to determine if any vertebral subluxations are present. If there are any vertebral subluxations detected you will also receive your first Chiropractic adjustment. An adjustment is a hands on chiropractic procedure to correct vertebral subluxations. This initial visit cost is $50.00 Each visit thereafter is $25.00

It is truly that simple and straightforward. There are no-strings attached. We have two fees and that is it. So start today getting  the most out of your life. Vertebral subluxations left uncorrected prevent us from obtaining optimal performance and peak health capabilities. Since we only get one life shouldn't we get the most out of it as possible?

What about children? We know KIDS ARE OUR FUTURE, therefore to help promote positive health choices throughout a lifetime children 16 years and younger are charged according to their age. For example Isaac is age 5, his charge is only $5.00

At our office we strive to put healthcare back into the hands where it belongs, YOURS! We offer you personalized care at a price you can afford, where insurance isn't necessary. Downtown Chiropractic has office hours to meet your needs. We offer late evening hours as well as appointments made on Saturday mornings, we will even be open during your lunch hour.

Thank you for your interest! Give us a call today!